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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Total Tip Tuesday!

Hello fellow Crafters and Happy Tuesday!

I have been playing with Paper Tape for a while and couldn't decide if I liked it or not. The reason? Well mostly I am not too inspired by the designs. So, a couple of days ago I made a wonderful discovery. Surgical Tape, or Paper Bandage Tape. Hooray!  

I keep a roll in my craft room for quick fixes, cuts, nicks and other assorted crafting related injuries. As I was sitting at my desk an epiphany occurred..BING!!!!! stamp on the tape... just do it... try it... and I did. I cut a piece of paper the size I would use for a card and there started my journey on making my own, affordable paper tape. 

You can pick this tape up at the dollar store, it removes easy and if you stretch it a bit it gets a completely different look after stamping. 

There you have it, something simple, affordable and fun! Let me know if you try it! Post your pics would love to see your ideas! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

After a day of ripping and running, I was able to sit down and make a couple of cards. Both are A2 sized. The first one I stamped a back ground of oranges and yellows, over laid with some bats and moons in purple. Stamped the skeleton in black and here we are. Oh, I typed some Halloween words and printed them, covered them with a wide surgical tape. (My idea of a card tape) ;) 
The second card is also a2 sponged the background with similar colors and layered it up. If you have any questions let me know. 
Have been in the craft room for the last couple hours. Will update with pics soon. :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Simple Stamp Sunday

Today I was inspired by a new crafting friend to try one layered cards. Clean And Simple (CAS). I find this to be super challenging because I like to add do dads to everything. Glitter, rhinestones, bows, brads... yeah you get it. So I am going to post the items used and a couple of pics of the card I made today. 

The inks that follow are in the order that I used them, I will do my best to describe what I did.. (Inks are distressed inks by Tim Holtz and stamps are Stampin UP.)
Sponged Layer 1 - Burlap
Stamped Layer 2 - Vintage Photo (Oriental Painting)
Stamped Layer 3 - Wild Honey (Artisitc etchings)
I colored the little bird with a blue water color pencil and blended with a blender pen.
I stamped the word amour in withered fence and stamped off to give the faded look of the word below the bold one.  There you have it.

 IF you have any questions let me know! Thanks for looking

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some people say back in the saddle, well I say back in the craft room again. I have been out of sync for a couple months and am back, with a flourish! 
Craft room together, designs in place, etsy store open! What more could I ask for. Not much. SO without to much blah blahing here are a couple cards I put together.